Aadhaar Card New Guidelines 2023: आपके आधार कार्ड का नहीं होगा गलत इस्तेमाल, फोन में रखें mAadhaar FREE

Aadhaar Card New Guidelines

Aadhaar Card New Guidelines

Aadhaar Card New Guidelines: Central Government has issued new guidelines for people to be careful while sharing the copy of Aadhaar card. Also they have been asked to use only Masked Aadhaar! In such a situation, we are going to tell you about mAadhaar, where you can keep your Aadhaar details safe! Wherein, you can share it offline from your phone in legitimate places! Learn about…

Aadhaar Card New Guidelines

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) launched a new mAadhaar App for smartphone users some time back. Anyone can download it from Google’s Play Store or Apple App Store! Your Aadhaar information is safe, so many unique features have been given in this app. For example, if an Aadhaar number is activated on this app, it cannot be accessed from other phones. In such a situation, if you change your phone, then as soon as the app is activated on the new device, it automatically gets deactivated on the old device.

mAadhaar App valid everywhere

Aadhaar Card New Guidelines
Aadhaar Card New Guidelines

Offline Aadhaar facility is also provided in this app, which you can use to show anywhere as ID proof if needed. This ID proof is valid from railway stations to airport. In its new guideline, the government has asked to use masked Aadhaar. In such a situation, the use of mAadhaar can also be a safe option.

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Know where your Aadhaar Card was shared

At present, on the mobile app of most banks, people get the facility to set limits on debit or credit cards, control their usage. They can also change their ATM card PIN on the app itself! Similarly, in mAadhaar App, you get the facility to lock your biometric and Aadhaar! That means you have complete control over your Aadhaar details!

Only licensed organizations can view (Aadhaar Card New Guidelines)

The press release issued by the ministry states that only those organizations that have a user license by UIDAI! They can use Aadhaar Card to verify the identity of a person. Unlicensed organizations do not have this permission. It was said in the advisory that if any private organization demands to see your Aadhaar card! Or asks for your Aadhaar Card Photo Copy! So check whether they have valid user license from UIDAI or not!

Generate Virtual ID

If you do not want to share your Aadhaar details or who have opted to lock Aadhaar, they can also create Virtual ID through mAadhaar app to access Aadhaar services. Through the app, people can also use the Aadhaar SMS service in offline mode.

Keep Aadhaar Detail of the family

Guess your parents are not tech savvy! Or you are away from home and you want Aadhar Detail of any member of your family. So in m-Aadhaar app you can manage or maintain Aadhaar of maximum 5 people on one phone! An option has also been placed on this app to update Aadhaar details.

If you want to update the address in your Aadhaar Card! So it can be updated on m-Aadhaar app with or without proof. Wherein if your printed Aadhaar Card is lost! So you can order to print it again by going to mAadhaar App!

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