Bamboo Farming Business Idea 2023 : बांस की खेती से होगी मोटी कमाई, FREE सरकार भी करती है मदद, यहां जानिए

Bamboo Farming Business Idea: The demand for bamboo is increasing continuously in India. In such a situation, the government is also encouraging the farmers to promote bamboo production in the country. Many state governments are providing subsidy to the farmers for bamboo cultivation. That’s why if you also want to make farming your profession, then you can do bamboo farming! There is no need to work hard in this business idea.

Bamboo Farming Business Idea

The best thing about Bamboo Cultivation is that it can be done even on barren land! Also it requires less water. Once planted, bamboo plant can be produced for 50 years! This is the reason that the trend of farmers has also increased towards the business of bamboo cultivation. In the coming days, according to which government assistance is being given! The trend of this farming can increase in other parts of the country and the number of products related to it will also increase.

How to do bamboo cultivation?

Profitable Bamboo Farming can be done anywhere except the valleys of Kashmir! The eastern part of India is today the largest producer of bamboo. 1500 bamboo plants can be planted on one hectare of land. Plant to plant distance is 2.5 meters and line to line distance is 3 meters. For this, advanced varieties should be selected.

Bamboo Farming Business Idea
Bamboo Farming Business Idea

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There are total 136 varieties of Bamboo in India. The most popular of these species are Bambusa ordinaci, Bambusa polymorpha, Kimonobambusa falcata, Dendrocalamus strix, Dendrocalamus hamiltoni and Melocana baccifera. The month of July is considered most suitable for planting bamboo in the business of bamboo cultivation. Bamboo plant becomes harvestable in 3 to 4 years.

How much help does the government give?

If more is being spent on Bamboo Farming under the National Bamboo Mission! So the central and state governments will provide economic relief to the farmers! Talking about the assistance given by the government for bamboo cultivation, 50 percent of the cost will be borne by the farmers and 50 percent by the government!

Talking about Madhya Pradesh government, it is providing assistance of Rs.120 per bamboo plant to the farmers. In Bamboo Cultivation Business, this amount is given in installments in three years! You can apply for subsidy online by visiting the official website of National Bamboo Mission, Nodal officer has also been made in every district under the National Bamboo Mission. You can also get more information related to the scheme from your Nodal Officer.

Interesting Fact (Bamboo Farming Business Idea)

  • There are more than 1400 species of bamboo around the world.
  • Plants are available free of cost from government nurseries for Bamboo Farming!
  • Rs 120 per plant will be given for bamboo cultivation.
  • Bamboo cultivation can prove to be a boon for barren land.
  • India is the second largest country in bamboo cultivation after China.
  • It is an evergreen flowering plant belonging to the grass family.
  • Farmer can earn crores by cultivating bamboo!

earning from bamboo cultivation

The first cutting of this bamboo happens four times after transplanting. According to an estimate, ₹ 40 lakh is produced in one hectare in 4 years from Bamboo Farming Profitable Business! Apart from this, farmers can easily bear the cost of Bamboo Cultivation by planting other crops on the empty land between the bamboo rows! Bamboo has to be cut and pruned two to three times a year. Small twigs can be cut and used as green fodder.

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