Bijli Bill Big Update Rules : बिजली बिल वाले ध्यान दे खुशखबरी 2023 से लागू होगे ये नियम इसके बारे में यहाँ देखे पूरी जानकारी

Bijli Bill Big Update Rules

Bijli Bill Big Update Rules

Good news: these rules will be in effect in 2023, so pay attention to your electricity bills. Bijli Bill Big Update Rules 2023: Pay attention to those who pay their electricity bills because there is good news for them: the big decision made by the government will take effect in 2023. Starting now, the electricity bill will look like this and tell you that all of the rules for the electricity department will change because the government’s order has been carried out. The effective date of this rule is January 2023.

Bijli Bill Big Update Rules 2023

Bijli Bill Big Update Rules
Bijli Bill Big Update Rules

Because of this, there is good news for everyone who uses electricity. As a result, let us inform you that this rule will apply to all customers of electricity, including instructions on how to obtain a meter reading and electricity connection. In 2023, new regulations will apply to them. So companions, today we will give you complete data with the assistance of this article, most certainly perused the article composed beneath cautiously.

Electricity Bill Update 2023: The big news for customers of electricity is that they won’t have to worry about paying their bills or reading their meters to get a new connection to electricity. which is excellent news for all heavy users.

Bijli Bill Big Update Rules
Bijli Bill Big Update Rules

As you are aware, you used to have to go to the electricity department center to get your electricity bill and a meter reading. When the staff from the electricity department came to read your meter, you got your bill. Used to be aware of how much of our bill remains unpaid.

However, you will no longer be able to read your own meter once the rules change in 2023. Additionally, you can pay your electricity bill from your mobile device.

Bijli Bill Latest Update 2023 You can contact the helpline at 1912 or the toll-free number 18001803002 for any information regarding partial payment of your electricity bill or a complaint about electricity.

You will be notified via WhatsApp of the latest electricity bill deposit and bill information.
Through a missed call, you will have access to comprehensive information about your electricity bill.

Everything will be able to know when your phone is updated if you use a meter, similar to a sim card.

In the event of a defect or problem, it will promise to resolve it within 24 hours.

Therefore, allow us to inform you that the upcoming rule change in 2023 will be nothing short of a gift for all electricity consumers due to the government’s lengthy discussions with electricity workers. Therefore, allow us to inform you that everyone’s abides by the electricity department’s current regulations. There won’t be any issues for you. Everyone will work in a new way, whether it’s reading the meter or the electricity bill.

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