FREE AADHAAR Update : क्या अब घर बैठे बनवा सकेंगे आधार कार्ड, जानिए UIDAI का बड़ा कदम क्या है

FREE AADHAAR Update: If you do not like to go to the Aadhaar Center for changes in Aadhaar Card, then this news is for you only! The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the Aadhaar issuing body, plans to provide home services to crores of Aadhaar card holders in the country.

UIDAI is almost ready for this work that people can change name, phone number, address, biometric and other important information in their Aadhaar card through Home Service!


Actually, you can make many changes in Aadhaar Card online like you can change the address sitting at home! However, one has to visit the Aadhaar card center for phone number update or change in biometric details. UIDAI plans that people can get these updates done at home through door-to-door service. FREE AADHAAR Update

Indian postman is getting training (AADHAR Update)


UIDAI is training thousands of postmen working in India Post Payment Bank so that they can get the process of Aadhaar update done sitting at home. According to a media report, about one and a half lakh postmen will be trained for this work in two different phases and in the first phase training is going on for about 50,000 postmen.

After the completion of the training, these postman or postman will be able to provide the service of Aadhaar Card Update to the people sitting at home.

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The process of making Aadhaar card can be done even sitting at home

According to media reports, postmen will not only be able to make necessary changes in Aadhaar Card! Rather will be able to get the process of making a new Aadhaar card done! For this, UIDAI will also give digital gadgets to these postmen.

If it becomes possible to make Aadhaar card at home, then it will be a great facility for the citizens of the country. FREE AADHAAR Update

If you do not want to share your Aadhaar details or who have opted to lock Aadhaar, they can also create Virtual ID through mAadhaar app to access Aadhaar services. Through the app, people can also use the Aadhaar SMS service in offline mode.

Generate Virtual ID through SMS

First SMS to 1947 from your registered number. Through this you can generate Virtual Identity as well as retrieve it! You can lock or unlock your Aadhaar number by sending SMS. You need OTP (One Time Password) for Aadhaar Authentication and Biometric Lock or Unlock! However, this is not required for VID generation or retrieval.

How to lock or unlock AADHAR number?

Send 4 or 8 digits of your Aadhaar number to 1947 on GETOTP to lock Aadhaar Number. After this you will get 6 digit OTP. Then write 4 or 8 numbers of your Aadhaar number after LOCKUID , then send OTP by giving space! After this your Aadhaar number will be locked.

After this you will get a Confirmation Call. After the Aadhaar number is locked, you will not be able to use the Aadhaar number through Biometric or OTP.

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