Gold Silver Price Today: Heavy fall in gold prices, see new rates here 2023

Gold Silver Price Today: Gold and silver wear has become the center of attraction among women. Every person first buys gold and silver after collecting money. There is no such auspicious occasion when a person does not wear gold or silver ornaments, so why not, once the information about its values should be conveyed to all of you. Gold and silver are seen in the markets with a lot of inflation because it is determined on the basis of its ability to be so expensive. Because their age is unlimited, very less in quantity and we can mold it in any form, for this this metal is being obtained very expensively.

Gold Silver Price Today

The price of gold and silver is skyrocketing which affects every person’s pocket. But every person buys it in the desire that he will look very beautiful and attractive by wearing it. Gold is bought and sold every day across the country and depending on the fluctuations in its prices, people are able to buy and sell it. If you are also planning to buy gold and silver, then before making this idea, you must first know the price of 22-24 carat gold and silver, the details of which are being provided through this article.

Gold Silver Price Today
Gold Silver Price Today

gold price in markets

If you also want to buy gold, then it will be necessary for you to get information about its prices because gold is sold in 24 and 22 carat gold, due to which its prices change a lot. Through the given table, first of all, you can get the details of the prices, which are as follows-

Today’s 22 carat gold price-

  • 1 gram ₹5,240
  • 8 grams ₹41,920
  • 10 grams ₹52,400
  • 100 grams ₹5,24,000
  • Today’s 24 carat gold price-
  • 1 gram ₹5,716
  • 8 grams ₹45,728
  • 10 grams ₹57,160
  • 100 grams ₹5,71,600

There has not been any change in the prices of gold, if you want to buy it, then you can buy it on the basis of the above mentioned per gram price.

silver price in india

Buying silver in India is quite easy as it does not cost much. This gold is many times less. Now if you are planning to buy it, then first of all it will be necessary for you to know what is the price of silver in India, which you can get per gram through the table given below-

Silver price per gram/kg in India today (INR)

  • 1 gram ₹ 69.95
  • 8 grams ₹ 559.60
  • 10 grams ₹ 699.50
  • 100 grams ₹6,995
  • 1 kg ₹69,950

Jami prices in India have seen a lot of movement in the last few days so if you are planning to buy Jami now then it would be a great idea to buy Silver per gram based on the above mentioned rates.

When did the price of gold and silver fluctuate?

Fluctuations in the price of gold and silver can be made at any time, which has a huge impact on the pockets of traders and customers. If you also want to know about the fluctuations in the prices of gold and silver, then let us tell you that these fluctuations are determined by the Government of India, in which this fluctuation is due to the over sale of gold and silver and other reasons. can be

Where can I buy gold and silver?

If you want to buy gold or silver, then you can buy it by going to the nearest shop, where you will have to know the value of gold and silver from sonar, after that you can buy on per gram basis and deposit that value. Can First of all, you can get information about the prices of gold and silver through online medium, on the basis of which you go to buy it. Gold Silver Price Today

Why is gold sold so expensive?

The reason gold is expensive is that it is malleable, long lived and available in small quantities. Gold Silver Price Today

How to buy gold and silver?

To buy gold, you can go to the goldsmith and buy it per gram.

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