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Get the latest information on the Kisan Credit Card update and stay informed on the latest changes. Learn about the benefits, eligibility and more. Read now!

Kisan Credit Card Update Check: The Government of India had started the Kisan Credit Card scheme to solve this problem of the farmers. The scheme was launched in 1998 by NABARD to provide short-term loans to farmers for agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.

Kisan Credit Card saves farmers from taking loans from banks or moneylenders at high interest rates. The interest rate of PM Kisan Yojana KCC (PM Kisan Yojana KCC) ranges between 2 – 4 percent.

Kisan Credit Card Update Check

Kisan Credit Cards are issued by banks. The objective of the government is to provide loans to farmers for the purchase of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, etc. The second objective is that farmers do not need to take loans from moneylenders who charge exorbitant interest.

Loan taken under PM Kisan Yojana KCC (PM Kisan Yojana KCC) is 2-4 percent cheaper, provided the loan is repaid on time. You can apply for Kisan Credit Card both online and offline. Let us tell you the process of application.

Kisan Credit Card Update Check
Kisan Credit Card Update Check

Key Features of Kisan Credit Card

  • This Kisan Credit Card scheme provides loans to farmers for their financial expenses related to agriculture and post-harvest expenses.
  • The scheme provides loans to farmers for investment in agricultural equipment.
  • Loan up to Rs 3 lakh can be availed under KCC.
  • Under the KCC scheme, holders are eligible for insurance up to Rs 50000 for death or disability and up to Rs 25000 for other risks.
  • Smart cards and debit cards are issued under the savings account.
  • easy repayment process

The scheme provides loans for a tenure of 3 years.
How to apply for Kisan Credit Card Kisan Credit Card Update Check
Online (KCC- Process to Apply Online)

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  • Visit the official website of the bank from which you want to apply for PM Kisan Yojana KCC
  • Select the Kisan Credit Card option
  • Click on apply and fill the form
  • Click on Submit. Kisan Credit Card Update Check
  • Offline (KCC – Offline Application Process)
  • Offline application can be made for KCC scheme
  • visit bank branch
  • Fill and submit the KCC form to the bank with the help of the bank representative
  • Submit all the required documents along with the form

PM Kisan Yojana KCC

The government provides loans to farmers at affordable rates to free them from debt and increase their income. On the other hand, Kisan Credit Card is a great scheme to free farmers from the clutches of moneylenders and take loans for agriculture at affordable rates. Under this PM Kisan Yojana KCC (PM Kisan Yojana KCC), farmers are given loans up to Rs 3 lakh. It is expected from this budget 2022 that the government can further increase the limit of KCC loan.

KCC limit may increase

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the General Budget (Budget 2022) on the table of Parliament on 1 February. Experts say that big announcements can be made for the farmers in this budget. For some time, the issue of farmers has dominated the whole country.

That’s why the central government can make big announcements for the farmers. According to agriculture experts, Modi government can increase the limit of Kisan Credit Card. Loans are provided to farmers at very low interest rate on PM Kisan Yojana KCC (PM Kisan Yojana KCC).

Kisan Credit Card New Interest Rate

Interest is charged at the rate of 7 percent on the loan taken on Kisan Credit Card. But, if the farmer repays the loan within one year, then he will have to pay only 4 percent interest.

Crop insurance will be available in Kisan Credit Card

This is a very good scheme for the farmers. Farmers can also get their crops insured with Kisan Credit Card, so that they are also given compensation if their crop gets damaged due to any reason.

PM Kisan Yojana KCC (PM Kisan Yojana KCC) is very useful in the event of flood, the crop gets burnt due to drowning in water or in case of drought. All farmers can get their Kisan Credit Card (Kisan Credit Card) made!

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