Labour Card Benefits 2023 : FREE जानिए, श्रमिक कार्ड के लाभ, मजदूर कार्ड का लाभ ऐसे मिलेगा, यहाँ देखे

Labour Card Benefits : There is such a labor scheme! It is a scheme run by the government which has been implemented for NREGA or day laborers. Shramik Card (E Shram Card) can be made only by working class people! And can take advantage of this scheme!

How to get Labor Card / Shramik Card / Mazdoor Card made, how to apply for it, what are the necessary documents for Labor Card, read complete information in this post!

Labor Card Benefits

Be it any category of laborers or laborers, whether they are residents of any state, if they work as daily wage laborers or laborers! So they can register themselves under labor department. And after the completion of the registration process,

they can avail the benefits available under the labor card (E Shram Card)! And will also be able to get the benefits of labor card and the benefits of labor card! Any laborer and laborer who works as a laborer in daily life or does beldari or works related to building construction, can register himself through the official website of the Labor Department!

What can be the benefits of labor card

Labour Card Benefits
Labour Card Benefits

People say that our Shramik Card / Labor Card and Laborer’s Diary have been made! But they do not know which schemes can be availed from the labor card (E Shram Card)! Let us tell you that the benefits of the labor card available in all the states are different. Here we are telling you the names of some important government schemes. Out of which only people who have got labor cards can take advantage of most of the schemes. Labour Card Benefits

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List of government schemes related to labor card released

  • Death Pay Accidental Life Insurance
  • assistance in case of accident
  • Amount for marriage of beneficiary’s daughter
  • maternity benefits
  • loan amount for construction of house
  • subsidized electricity
  • education support
  • assistance in the purchase of working equipment
  • Finance for skill upgradation
  • pension
  • Who can get themselves registered in the Labor Department: Labor Card Benefits
  • all those who do labor
  • beldar
  • painter
  • road workers
  • people working in the unorganized sector
  • mason

If there is any person in the country, whether he is a resident of any state, if he is compatible with all the qualifications mentioned above, then he can get himself registered in the Labor (Sharm Card) department!

These documents are required to make a labor card

  • Aadhar card
  • passport size photo
  • bank passbook
  • Any certificate in which age is mentioned & certificate of working as a construction laborer for 90 days in 1 year
  • Who can make labor card

Labor cards can be made by all those people who do daily wages, such as

  • Raj Mistri
  • Carpenter
  • Blacksmith
  • painter
  • Labour
  • Or do they do any kind of labor!

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