LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today: LPG gas cylinder became costlier, see new rates here 2023

LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today: India’s government oil companies determine the price of LPG gas cylinder, similarly if you are also going to use LPG, or are doing it, then it will be necessary for you to know that the current price of LPG gas cylinder What is the price. Let us tell you that according to media reports, the prices of LPG gas cylinders have been changed recently. This change is going to make a big difference to your kitchen. Because if you are also using this type of LPG gas cylinder in your kitchen work. So through this article, you get the details related to the prices of LPG cylinders.

LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today

LPG gas cylinder prices are revised every month, the result of which we get to see according to media reports, the same has been determined in the month of February 2023, if you also want to know the result, then for you the details of the list according to the big metros Must see in which you can get lpg gas cylinder price for commercial and domestic gas cylinder across countries. LPG gas cylinders are made available for commercial and domestic use at different prices, details of which you are going to get through this article in the list format.

Domestic cylinder price in Madhya Pradesh

Now if we talk about the state of Madhya Pradesh, here also gas cylinders are being used in every house and it is very easy to increase its prices. Today, the price of domestic gas cylinder in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal is Rs 1,058.50. If we talk about last year. So in the year 2022, the price of gas cylinder has increased by a total of Rs 153.50 in four times. Between July and December 2022, the most expensive gas was sold at Rs 1,058.50, while in April the gas price was the cheapest at Rs 955.50 per cylinder.

LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today
LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today

Big change in LPG prices

Changes in LPG prices are done every month, this time also some changes have been made in such a way that the common man’s pocket can be affected. LPG prices have been revised once again, let us tell you, if we talk about the rates of 19kg commercial cylinders in big cities of India, today their price in Delhi is Rs 1769, in Mumbai Rs 1721, in Kolkata Rs 1870 and in Chennai 1917 has been recorded in Rs.

On the other hand, if we talk about domestic gas, from today a 14.2 kg cylinder is available in Delhi for Rs 1053, Mumbai for Rs 1052.5, Kolkata for Rs 1079 and Chennai for Rs 1068.5. This price has been issued by the government oil companies for all of you, you can buy LPG gas cylinders only by paying.

cooking gas rates in india

The rates of cooking gas in India are continuously increasing, which affects our kitchen. But when this effect is very fast, there is a big problem for the citizens. If you are also using LPG in India, then it will be necessary for you to know according to the big metros, what are these rates? And for how much rupees are we going to get it in our city? So let us know through this list, you will get all the details in it.

How to buy lpg cylinder

To buy LPG gas cylinder, all of you have to go to the nearest gas service center where you can get a new LPG cylinder by depositing the old cylinder by showing your passbook.

Another option would be for you that the vehicles employed by the gas service center will reach your home through home delivery of the gas cylinder in which you will not have to pay extra charges and you can get the filled gas cylinder.

Last option, you can order LPG gas cylinder by applying through online medium, which you can take advantage of by getting the official website and contact of LPG consumer company.

What is the official website of LPG?

The official website of LPG is-

What are the benefits of LPG?

In the present era, LPG is a very important gas which is being used as cooking gas.

What is the full meaning of LPG?

The full meaning of LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas. LPG Gas Cylinder New Price Today

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