LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate: LPG gas cylinder rates increased again, see new rates here 2023

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate: The domestic and commercial gas prices of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) in India are determined by “Indian Government Oil Companies”, which are revised monthly. Once again there is a big change in the prices of LPG, the details of which we have brought today through this article, where you can check the information of this month and today’s LPG price.

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate
LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate

After organizing the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana in our India, gas cylinders are being used in every house across the country. For that every person spends money to fill it every month, whose prices have become very high. If you are also going to buy LPG cylinder this month, then you can check its price according to your city through this article.

LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate

New rate of LPG gas cylinder has been issued for this month, under this all the consumers who want to get LPG gas cylinder filled. You can check the information of monthly revised amount according to your big metropolis in which you can deposit this amount and you will get new gas cylinder by depositing your old cylinder. For this, through this article, you can check the details of LPG prices of all major metros and cities in list form here.

Big change in LPG prices

We have many states in India where LPG companies distribute LPG gas cylinders through their centers and consumers can buy it easily. To buy LPG gas cylinder, we have to deposit the old cylinder, after that we get the new filled cylinder after providing the amount. If you also want to buy LPG gas cylinder, then tell that today LPG in New Delhi is Rs 1053 and in Bhubaneswar Like Rs 1079 which is the highest amount recorded in the city. Now if you want to buy LPG cylinder, then you can buy your LPG cylinder by going to the center on the basis of fixed prices.

What is the LPG rates in India?

LPG rates are increasing continuously in India, it is directly affecting the common man’s pocket. If you also want to buy LPG gas cylinder, then you will have to spend more than ₹ 1000, only then you will get one month’s LPG. Gas cylinder will be received, if all of you are looking to buy LPG gas cylinder recently, then you can check the price of LPG gas cylinders at this time through this article.

Details of LPG charges in some major cities of India-

  • New Delhi ₹ 1,053
  • Kolkata ₹ 1,079
  • Mumbai ₹ 1,052.5
  • Chennai ₹ 1,068.5
  • Gurgaon ₹ 1,061.5
  • Noida ₹ 1,050.5
  • Bangalore ₹ 1,055.5
  • Bhubaneswar ₹ 1,079

How to get subsidy amount on LPG cylinder?

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a beneficial scheme run by the Government of India, which has provided LPG gas cylinders to every household across the country. LPG gas cylinder has reached everyone’s homes and they are becoming a lot of beneficiaries by using it because they have already received LPG gas cylinder free of cost. LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate

Now after this, he can get the subsidy amount for filling the cylinder every month, which is provided by the Government of India on each cylinder of Rs.200. You can get the benefit of LPG subsidy for filling 12 cylinders in a year, after that you will have to deposit the prescribed amount.

What has been the recent change in LPG prices?

For the last few months, there has not been any fluctuation in the prices of LPG, the price has remained stable.

How to buy LPG gas cylinder?

Consumers can buy LPG gas cylinders through the nearest gas service center.

Which companies provide LPG gas cylinders in India?

In India, Indane, Bharat Gas, and Hindustan Petroleum provide LPG gas cylinders.

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