Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023: नए साल पर सभी देशवासियों को सस्ते दामों में मिलेगा, सरकार की बड़ी घोषणा।-Very Useful

Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023

Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023

Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023: We can now purchase LPG gas cylinders and petrol-diesel for our vehicles at such low prices due to rising inflation. The government is seeing a significant decline in the supply of LPG gas cylinders, which also includes diesel and petrol. If this is the case, please inform us of the current LPG Petrol Diesel Price in all cities, as well as how to obtain a low-cost LPG gas cylinder.

Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023

This is how to buy a LPG cylinder for 600. Let us tell you that in addition to the LPG cylinder that is used the most frequently on the market, a gas cylinder that faces work has also arrived. This low contrast gas cylinder is transparent, light, and affordable. Nearly every state has started it. The work will begin gradually in all states; it can be purchased at the nearest market or for Rs. 500 to 600, and it is inexpensive and light as well.

Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023
Lpg Petrol Diesel Today 2023

Please inform me that this cylinder’s cause is also less significant than that of the standard cylinder. Let us inform you that the composite cylinder contains 10 kilograms of gas and is lighter in weight. These cylinders are therefore inexpensive. This cylinder is unique because it is transparent. This cylinder is currently available in more than 28 cities; however, the company is working to soon make it available in all cities.

lpg gas latest price of all state

• Leh 1299
• Aizawl 1250
• Srinagar 1169

• Patna 1142.5
• Kanyakumari 1137
• Andaman 1129
• Ranchi 1110.5

• Shimla 1097.5
• Dibrugarh 1095
• Lucknow 1090.5
• Udaipur 1048.5

• Indore 1081
• Kolkata 1079
• Dehradun 1072
• Chennai 1068.5

• Agra 1065.5
• Chandigarh 1062.5
• Visakhapatnam 1061
• Ahmedabad 1060

• Bhopal 1058.5
• Jaipur 1056.5
• Bengaluru 1055.5
• Delhi 1053
• Mumbai 1052.5

We are pleased to inform you that, as of the beginning of the new year, the prices of LPG gas cylinders have decreased. According to information provided by reliable sources, only LPG gas cylinders are currently available for purchase at prices that are less than 1,000 dollars.

The prices for brand-new diesel and petrol in all of India’s states are listed below.
Petrol costs Rs 84.10 and diesel costs Rs 79.74 per liter in Port Blair. Diesel costs Rs 96.72 and petrol costs Rs 89.62 per liter in Delhi. Diesel costs Rs 111.35 and diesel costs Rs 97.28 per liter in Mumbai. Diesel costs Rs 102.63 and diesel costs Rs 94.24 per liter in Chennai. Diesel costs Rs 96.57 and diesel costs Rs 89.96 per liter in Noida. Diesel costs Rs

You can visit the government oil company’s official website to determine the most recent gas cylinder price in your city. By going to this link: https://iocl.com/Products/IndaneGas.aspx, you can also see the most recent rates. Let us inform you that gas cylinder rates are updated on the first of each month.

Conclusion: It has been reported or received news that the prices of LPG, diesel, and gasoline will significantly decrease in the near future, bringing relief to all of the nation’s citizens.

Note :- This website is not responsible in any way for the rate mentioned in the post, which could rise or fall at any time.

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