Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023: What is Mission Karmayogi, Application Form, Benefits and Details

Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023: Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023 (NPCSCB) has been started by Prime Minister Modi. The main objective of this scheme is to increase the efficiency of civil officers and employees. It was approved in the cabinet meeting on 2 September 2020 (NPCSCB) Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023. Through this scheme, online training will be given to civil officers. So that officers can be prepared to be logical, creative, transparent, so that services can be easily available to the people.

Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023

This scheme is a skill development programme. Due to which it will be done under the full supervision of the cabinet and along with this the Chief Minister and the Human Resource Council will also participate in it. For Mission Krmayogi Yojana 2023, a 5-year budget has been prepared by the government, in which a total of Rs 510.86 crore has been earmarked. We will share all the information related to the scheme with you. To know read the article till the end.

What is Mission Karmayogi Scheme?

Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023
Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023

Mission Karmayogi Yojana is a national scheme. This scheme has been launched by the Central Government to focus on capacity building of civil servants. After recruitment of government officers and employees under this mission, civil service officers will be prepared for the future by making them creative, imaginative, innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, energetic, competent, transparent and technologically competent.

Mission Krmayogi yojana 2023

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Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023

Under this scheme the skills of the officers will be improved. A new HR Council headed by PM Narendra Modi and selected Union Ministers and Chief Ministers will be included in this mission of civil servants. Its basic objective is to produce officers who live up to the expectations of the people. If you also want to be a part of this mission, then under this scheme you have to apply online.

Objective of Karmayogi Yojana 2023

As you all know that the economy of our country is not doing well. And there has been no increase in the efficiency of the various employees and officers of the country. In view of this problem, the Central Government has started this mission. To exercise functional supervision over all Central Training Institutes concerned with civil service capacity building. Under this mission, many works will be done by the central government for the welfare of government officers and employees and for civil service capacity building.

This commission in NPCSCB will ensure a uniform approach in managing and regulating the capacity building ecosystem on a collaborative and co-sharing basis. Through this Karmayogi program, government officers and employees will get a chance to improve their performance.

Benefits and Features of Mission Karmayogi Scheme

The scheme has been launched on 2 September 2020.
The Civil Service Ability Evolution Program (NPCSCB) is designed for officers coming to the civil service.
Under this scheme, government officials and employees will be given education so that they can be efficient in their work.

The side training will be given more attention under the Mission Karmayogi scheme.
About 46 lakh employees will come under Karmayogi assessment.

The budget of the scheme has been fixed at Rs 510.86 crore.
Possibilities of working in the scheme and work will speed up so that people’s work will be done quickly.
There will be 2 routes under the scheme, automatic and guided.
The scheme will continue to run for 5 years from 2020-21 to 2024-25. The expenditure on which is already fixed.

The scheme will be operated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Everyone will join in as well.
Mechanisms to improve the functioning of the Site, to improve the functioning of the Site.
A proprietary special vehicle project company has been formed under the name. Which is owned and managed by iGOT Karmayogi’s platform.

There will be more style in the working of officers.

Officers or employees also come under the scheme in civil, their qualification ability will be like creativity, progressive, innovative etc.

Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023 Changes made in civil service

All the employees and officers associated with civil services can join and learn under their scheme at any time. After joining this, you will be provided with the facility of laptop, mobile for online training. And for training people associated with civil services, trainers of different visas will be included. Emphasis will also be given on on-site working systems to improve the concept of on-site learning.

Under the Mission Karmayogi scheme, a proprietary special purpose vehicle company will be formed under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. It will be a non-profit organization that will govern the ownership and management of the iGOT Karmayogi platform.

Mission Karma Yogi Scheme Basic Information

The following given information is the basic information related to Mission Karmayogi Scheme 2023-2024, please read the reader carefully.

Mission Karma Yogi Yojana 2023-2024 mainly focuses on skill development of employees working in government departments.
Along with this, skill development will be done by giving training to government employees under Mission Personnel Plan 2023-2024.

And online material will be made available to them for their skill development.
More focus will be given on on-the-side training through Mission Karmayogi Scheme 2023-2024.
You can understand now that Mission Karmic Yojana is a skill building program organized by the Govt.
Mission Karmayogi Yojana 2023-2024 will increase the efficiency of employees working in government departments.

Friends, after the appointment through this scheme, full attention will be given by the government to increase the capacity of the civil officer working in the government department.
The advantage will be that the work performance of civil officers working in government departments will improve.

For which training will be provided to civil officers working in government departments.
Along with this, their ability to work will also improve.
Institutional Framework for Mission Karmayogi
Under this programme, the Union Cabinet and the Central Government have put in place an institutional framework for civil service capacity building, which has been approved with the institutional framework mentioned below.

Prime Minister’s Public Human Resource (HR) Council
Capacity Building Commission,
special purpose vehicle for owning and operating digital assets,
i-GOT technical platform for online training,
The coordination unit is headed by the Cabinet Secretary.
Qualification of civil officers and employees in Karmayogi scheme
We have given below the complete information about what should be the qualification of civil officers and employees under this scheme.

  • imaginative and innovative,
  • Active and polite
  • professional and progressive,
  • energetic and capable,
  • transparent and technically competent,
  • creative and creative

Documents for Mission Karma Yogi Scheme

To apply in this scheme, the employees have to show their card of the central employee. Apart from this, they should also have a photo copy of Aadhaar card as well as they should also have phone number and email ID.
Apart from this, documents related to all his studies should also be available with him. Apart from this, if any document is asked, then it is also necessary to present it.

  • iGOT Karmayogi Platform for Online Training
  • Confirmation after Probation Period
  • deployment
  • information about vacancies
  • task allocation
  • other services.

Training to be given under Mission Karmayogi Scheme

Under the scheme, special attention will be paid to the following skills of government employees. whatever is like this.

  • innovative
  • progressive
  • Able
  • transparent
  • Taksh etc on technical round
  • creativity
  • energetic
  • transparent
  • imagination
  • proactive

Some questions related to Mission Karmayogi scheme and their answers

Which is the official website related to Mission Karmayogi?

The official website related to Mission Karmayogi is not yet launched.

What is the budget for training?

A budget has been fixed for this scheme for 5 years. Which is Rs 510.86 crore.

By whom will the scheme be administered?

Prime Minister Modi will operate this scheme and along with it the Human Resource Secretary and the Chief Minister will also be involved.

Which skill will be trained under the Karmayogi Mission Scheme?

Under this mission, various skills like creativity, innovative, energetic, transparency, progressive, proactive, technically efficient will be created in them.

What is the purpose of Mission Karmayogi Scheme?

The objective of this scheme is to promote the work efficiency of all the employees and officers associated with the civil service.

How many civil service officers and employees have been placed under the scheme?

Under the scheme, 46 lakh employees associated with civil services will come.

How to apply in the scheme?

So far no application information has been given in the scheme, but you can become a part of the scheme at any time.

When and by whom was the Mission Karmayogi scheme approved?

The Mission Karmayogi scheme was approved on 2 September 2020 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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