MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme: If a couple above 60 years of age has only daughters, one of the couple is given the benefit of the Girl Guardian Pension Scheme.

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme: Hello friends, under this article of Madhya Pradesh Scheme (Madhya Pradesh), as you know! That the government keeps on implementing many schemes for the girls. So that it helps girls from education to better life! Similarly, the Girl Guardian Pension Scheme (Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana) has been started by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh! The main objective of which is to provide financial assistance to the girl guardian of the state. This pension every month will be given as a benefit to such parents who are living below the poverty line and are unable!

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

Today we will tell you through this article! Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) will provide all the information related to the Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme scheme! Eligibility Criteria They will get the benefit of this scheme! But before that you have to do it! Must apply through online! Whose information we have given in this! I have explained the article in detail. Please read this article carefully! So that you can easily apply for this Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme (Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana) and take advantage of it!

Girl Guardian Pension Scheme 2023

Friends you all know! That Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) government has implemented many schemes for the economically weak people! So that their standard of living can be improved. The government has also released many other schemes. So that the disabled and poor people below the class can get subsidy! Let us tell you that, Madhya Pradesh government is giving the benefit of Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana (Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana) by giving daughters to the poor sections for the public interest!

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

They will get this benefit! Who has only one girl child and she is married! In such a situation the family does not have any source of income and guardian. Age is also 60 years or more, they will be eligible for this Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme (Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana)! Along with this, those who have had a son or are no longer alive! In such a situation, the couple will be given a pension of Rs 600 per month. And Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Girl Guardian Pension Scheme, you can get information related to it with the help of this article of ours!

Documents required for applying in Kanya Guardian Pension Scheme

  • Aadhaar card of both the couple
  • age certificate
  • Address proof
  • bpl ration card
  • Self attested declaration that he is not an income tax payer
  • Widow women have to give death certificate.
  • Bank Passbook or Post Office Account copy
  • mobile number
  • Along with passport size photographs of the couple

How to apply online for the scheme

Which of you candidates want to apply in this Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana, can apply by following some steps to apply!

The first candidate has to visit the official website of
After this a page will open on your screen click on service link
You will come to a new page, after that go to How to download and click on the option of application form.

As soon as you do for you you will find the department in this page and service selection you have to do that in which you choose social justice in the department!
And in the selection of service how you solve Madhya Pradesh Balika Guardian Pension Yojana and click on print form

After that to whom will you get the application form?
Candidates can submit their application after registration by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Accept it

The main objective of the girl guardian pension scheme

In Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana (Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana) as you all know! That there are such families of the poor class! Who has only one daughter! And he gets married too! They are not able to go out and get any means of income. Due to which their economic condition does not become so high. This is not right ! And due to increasing age, they can’t even do a job! So according to the Government of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), in such a situation an economic problem arises in front of them!

MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

Due to which they have to face a lot of difficulties in taking the things that come in their work. For all such candidates, the Madhya Pradesh government has started the Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana! Due to which such eligible persons will be given financial assistance of ₹ 600 every month by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the purchase of their needs!

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MP Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Scheme

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