Notes Sell 2023: पुराने नोट सिक्का बेचना हुआ आसान बस यहाँ फ़ोटो भेजे इस नंबर 99319#####-Very Useful

Notes Sell 2023

Notes Sell 2023

Notes Sell 2023: If you have an old note Yashika lying around, read this petition to learn how to become a night worshiper Malamal—that is, rich—by sending a photo of the note to the number provided. There is currently a competition to buy and sell old notes and coins; on the one hand, people are selling, and on the other, people are buying notes after seeing a large amount. Let’s learn how to market.

Notes Sell 2023
Notes Sell 2023

Coins from old notes start to sell quickly Notes are being bought and sold quickly right now in India. If you also have old notes worth one rupee, two rupees, five rupees, ten rupees, or 500 rupees on which the number 786 should be written, your luck may also open. If you have old notes from before 2009, you could get thousands of rupees, so let’s learn how to buy and save. These kinds of notes are being demanded quickly.

The new rule that the RBI has issued regarding the sale of note coins states that the buyer should be under his own responsibility and the RBI; otherwise, in the event of fraud, the ER could be off, so buyers and sellers should buy and sell carefully.

You must have a rupee coin that is 1, 2, 5, or 10 years old and was issued prior to 2019 to sell it here. Additionally, prior to 2016, old notes ought to be 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Additionally, the note with the highest demand is being sent, and 786 notes should be written on it.

₹5 note esteem assessment.

Let us inform you that the note’s price will rise in proportion to the amount of consideration and purchase. If you keep a 5 per billion note, you can get lakhs of rupees of this note. However, you can try to avoid this with the assistance of numerous online platforms. In today’s market rate, it may be very difficult for you to obtain a 5 note because people may like the note.

Sell News of Old Coins

You will be a millionaire if you have this coin. That note should only contain the number 786. At the moment, there is a significant demand for 786 notes. You will receive a substantial sum in exchange for the note; in order to sell it, you will simply need to easily post the note and the amount you wish to sell on a photo buying website. After entering all of your information, the buyer will visit your residence to make a purchase.

You will then be able to easily see how to send the note. You can sell old notes and coins on OLX, Quikr, and eBay in the following ways. First and foremost, you must register here. After you register here, upload your previous coins and notes. Let’s upload; contact will be made by coin buyers. The product is then sold at the appropriate price. Additionally, avoid being defrauded.

You can make thousands of rupees through these online sites by selling these notes or coins, whose prices are the highest on the market! Some of the most important websites, like Coinbazaar, Indiamart, and Quikr, are listed below. You can buy and sell old coins and notes at a good price on these websites!

  • 786 Number Important: First things first, you need to go to a website like Ebay or to sell your old note like this.
  • You must then register and log in after that.
  • After that, you can set up an account as a seller.
  • You will enter all of the information about your old coins and notes once you have created a merchant account.

In addition, you will need to upload the picture of your note.
You will also need to provide your email address and mobile phone number.
To make it simple for people to get in touch with you to buy old notes and coins, click this link: How to Sell Your Notes Online Old Notes and Coins Conclusion: To send old note coins that are sitting at home, simply click the image and specify where to send it.

Notes Sell 2023

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