If you have this old note of 10 rupees, then earn lakhs of rupees FREE by selling it

old note of 10 rupees

old note of 10 rupees

old note of 10 rupees: Collectors of old coins and notes are earning handsome amount by selling historical currencies on online classified platform this festive season of India. If any old historical collectible valuable item is lying in the collection box or wallet, then all of you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling these valuable items.

In such a situation, if you have an old ₹ 10 note lying in your collection box, then it can open the doors of your luck because recently the price of ₹ 10 note has been auctioned for lakhs on the classified platform. So you all can also use online platform like Clickindia to sell old ₹10 note through the process provided in this article.

sell old note of 10 rupees

Many of us aspirants are fond of collecting old, historical and unique notes as the vintage charm of old notes and coins appeals to many. Candidates who have been collecting old notes and coins for many years, if you want to use these collectible items, then this is a golden opportunity for you because the price of historical currencies and notes is skyrocketing this festive season in India. In the month itself, the value of ₹ 10 note with serial number 786 has been marked up to ₹ 500000.

old note of 10 rupees
old note of 10 rupees

Nowadays, online classified platforms have been created especially for buying and selling old coins and notes among history and culture lovers, on which many candidates recruit antique curates, so all of you can also buy old ₹ 10 coins lying in your collection box. Can easily sell the note with the value of lakhs of rupees. old note of 10 rupees

What should be the specialty of ₹ 10 note

In exchange for old and historical notes, the amount is provided on the basis of its historicity, that is, the historical items lying in your collection box and wallet should match some eligibility. Matches like old ₹ 10 note should have 786 serial number also this note should be older than 1995 and this note should be signed by former RBI Governor Manmohan Singh ji if all these features are in your note If yes, then you can earn crores of rupees instead.

Face value of old ₹10 note

The price of ancient and historical items is skyrocketing on this festive season of India, in such a situation, if you are fond of collecting old currency and notes, then all of you sitting at home can get the amount of lakhs of rupees because by media reports According to the information received last week itself,

the price of old ₹ 10 note on which 786 serial number is recorded, the price of that note has been auctioned up to ₹ 500000, so all of you can buy this note through the process provided in this article. You can earn lakhs of rupees by collecting a clear picture.

How to sell old Rs 10 note?

To sell historical currencies and notes, first of all you have to visit the official website Coinbazzar.com.

Now the homepage will be displayed in front of you, on which click on the option of registration provided.
All of you candidates register yourself by registering on the official website.

After registering, create an account as a seller to sell this note.

After creating the account, click and upload a clear picture of ₹10 note.

After this, citizens interested in buying this note will contact you themselves.

Which is the official website to sell old ₹10 notes?

Official website – Coinbazzar.com.

What should be the specialty of ₹10 note?

To sell ₹ 10 note, first of all the note should be old and 786 serial number should be registered on this note.

How much amount can be received in exchange of old ₹ 10 note?

According to crime information on media reports, you can get up to ₹500000 in exchange of old ₹10 notes.

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