All You Need to Know About Best PM Kisan FPO Yojana: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply किसानों को सीधें खातें में मिलेंगे 15 लाख, जानें पात्रता

Learn about the PM Kisan FPO Yojana and how it can benefit farmers. Discover the eligibility criteria and how to apply for the scheme. Get all the information you need to take advantage of this government initiative.

PM – Kisan FPO Yojana: They are helped under PM Kisan FPO Yojana (PM Kisan FPO Yojana)! Under this, the government has announced the formation of 10 thousand new Farmers Producer Organization groups by 2023-24! FPOs are made from the right number of farmers! The work of this group is to provide such environment and support to the farmers, so that they can earn better from farming.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana

Under this PM Kisan FPO Yojana (PM Kisan FPO Yojana), farmers are given assistance up to a maximum of 15 lakhs if needed! Farmers can become self-sufficient by starting small business related to agriculture by using the amount of Farmers Producer Organization. To improve the economic condition of farmers and to promote agriculture, the government is continuously running many schemes like FPO!

PM Kisan FPO Scheme

In this series, PM Kisan FPO Yojana is also being run by the Central Government, in which financial assistance of Rs 15 lakh is given to an organization of farmers for farming. With this they can easily buy agricultural equipment, fertilizers and seeds etc. So what is this Farmers Producer Organization scheme and how can you take advantage of it, know the complete details!

PM Kisan FPO Yojana
PM Kisan FPO Yojana

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Formation of 10,000 FPOs by the government till 203-24 for the economic development and well-being of the farmers!

Concrete steps are taken to increase the productivity of the farmers and to get proper returns from the market.

Providing hand holding assistance to the new Farmers Producer Organization (Farmers Producer Organization) for 5 years from the government!

To develop agri-entrepreneurial skills in farmers to become financially self-sufficient.

Allocated budget of 6866 crores: PM – Kisan FPO Yojana

Under the PM Kisan FPO Yojana (PM Kisan FPO Yojana), Rs 4496 crore has been allocated by the Central Government for 10,000 FPOs by 2023-24! Apart from this, the government’s FPO plan is also to provide financial assistance of Rs 23700 crore till 2027-28. That is, the central government has allocated Rs 6866 crore for this entire scheme. Apart from this, the Central Government gives assistance of 18 lakhs to these Farmers Producer Organization once in 3 years, after 3 years all these FPOs will have to see their financial expenditure!

Learn how to apply: PM – Kisan FPO Yojana

To apply for this PM-Kisan FPO scheme (Kisan FPO Yojana)! For this you have to go to the official website of National Agriculture Market ( of Government of India. After which the option of FPO will open in front of you.

Where on clicking a new page will open with registration or login. Then by filling all the information sought here, you can take advantage of this Farmers Producer Organization scheme

Eligibility to apply for PM-Kisan FPO Scheme 2023

  • The person should be a farmer by profession.
  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • It is necessary to have 300 farmers under the Farmers Producer Organization in the plains.
  • There should be only 100 farmers under FPO in hilly area.
  • The FPO should be a part of the group and should have cultivable land.

This PM Kisan FPO scheme of the government for the farmers! To become self-reliant and commit suicides in the coming times! Can prove to be an example to reduce the number!

For other information about this Farmer Producer Organization Scheme! For this you can visit the website of the National Agricultural Market ( and the website of the Small Farmers Trade Association (

What documents will be required?

Farmers Producer Organization for registration! The name, address, e-mail ID and contact number of the Managing Director (MD) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Manager will have to be given. Along with this, documents related to them will also have to be given.

Apart from this, the bank details of the top officer of PM Kisan FPO Yojana (PM Kisan FPO Yojana) will also have to be given! These include bank name, branch, account number and IFSC code.

Know how to get 18 lakh rupees?

Under the PM Kisan FPO scheme, 18 lakh rupees will be given to the Farmers Producer Organization. The Central Government had announced this scheme in February 2020!

The government had set a target of creating 10,000 FPOs in the country by 2023-24. To take advantage of this FPO scheme, 300 farmers will have to form a farmer producer organization!

This will also make it very easy for farmers to buy agricultural equipment or fertilizers, seeds or medicines. PM Kisan FPO Yojana (PM Kisan FPO Yojana) is very important for the farmers!

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