PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023: Subsidy is being received on the purchase of tractor under this scheme, know what is the process FREE

PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023: The Modi government of the Center is constantly making efforts to increase the income of the farmers! The government is continuously running many schemes for the financial help of the farmers. The Central Government has started the PM Kisan Tractor Yojana (PM Kisan Tractor Yojana) for the farmers! But often due to financial constraints, farmers are unable to buy machines or tractors. In such dire circumstances they have to hire tractors. Or bulls have to be used!

PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023

PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023
PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023

In such a situation, the government is running the Kisan Yojana to help the farmers. PM Kisan Tractor Yojana (PM Kisan Tractor Yojana) subsidy facility is available on buying a tractor in this scheme! So that farmers can produce maximum with the help of tractors.

There are many such farmers across the country! Those who are not able to buy tractors, they take tractors on rent. Or take the help of animals for farming. Due to which their farming is affected! And their income is also affected! In such a situation, PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023

PM Kisan Tractor Yojana (PM Kisan Tractor Yojana) is very helpful in solving their problems. At the same time, apart from this, many state governments also give 20 to 50 percent subsidy to the farmers on the tractors of PM Kisan Yojana. Madhya Pradesh government is doing remarkable work in this field under E-Yantra Krishi Anudan ( ! PM Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023

UP government is giving subsidy of one lakh in PM Kisan Tractor Yojana

Under the Kisan Yojana, a subsidy of one lakh rupees is being given to the farmers of UP by the UP government to buy tractors. If you are also a farmer of Uttar Pradesh! So you too can get this PM Kisan Tractor Yojana subsidy! The last date to apply under this is 30 November! That means only a few days are left! However, not every farmer can apply for it! To take advantage of this scheme, the government has also kept some conditions for the farmers.

Features of Farmer Scheme

  • The first condition is that the farmer should be a native of UP.
  • The farmer should not have bought any tractor in the last 7 years!
  • The land should be in the name of the farmer!
  • Subsidy will be given only once on the tractor.
  • PM Kisan Tractor Yojana (PM Kisan Tractor Yojana) The farmer receiving the subsidy should not be linked to any other subsidy!
  • Only one farmer of the family can apply for subsidy on tractor.

How to take advantage of PM Kisan Tractor Yojana

First of all registration has to be done in PM Kisan Tractor Yojana. This is the first condition for registration! That no other tractor has been taken in the last seven years! Beneficiary will have to apply under his state scheme only! Farmers can apply through both offline and online! For online application in PM Kisan, you can apply online by visiting any nearest CSC center! All farmers can take advantage of this!

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