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PNB FD New Interest Rate | PNB offers an interest rate to older persons which is higher than the standard interest rate. Punjab National Bank, one of India’s top lenders, has increased interest rates on fixed deposits by up to 75 basis points. As per the bank’s websites, the updated rates have come into effect from October 26, 2022. Currently, the bank offers FD interest rates which range from 3.50% to 7.00% depending on the length of the FD.

PNB FD New Interest Rate

PNB (Punjab National Bank) provides FD Interest Rate to senior citizens over and above the standard interest rate. Super seniors now get an interest rate of up to 7.80% on deposits maturing in 600 days, with a maximum interest rate of 7.50% available to them.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is offering an interest rate of 3.50% on Fixed Deposits maturing between 7 days to 14 days, 15 days to 29 days and 20 days to 45 days. The interest rate on FDs maturing between 46 days to 90 days has been increased from 3.75% to 4.50%.

PNB FD New Interest Rate
PNB FD New Interest Rate

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Punj ab National Bank Fixed Deposit

PNB has now increased the interest rate on FDs with maturity of 180 to 270 days and 271 to less than one year from 5.00% (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) to 5.50%. FDs with a tenure of more than one year will earn an interest rate of 6.30% as compared to 5.70% earlier. Similarly, FDs of more than 1 year and up to 599 days will fetch 6.30% interest. In Punjab National Bank, customers now get 7% interest rate on FDs with maturity of 600 days. PNB FD New Interest Rate

Ironically, for FDs maturing between 601 days and 2 years and between 2 years and more than 3 years, it comes down to 6.30% and 6.25%, respectively. An interest rate of 6.10% will be offered on FDs of three years and more than five years as well as five year and ten year FDs.

Interest Rates for Fixed Deposits of Senior Citizens – PNB Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

Fixed deposit interest rates will increase from 4.25% to 5% for accounts maturing in 46 to 90 days. The interest rate on FDs of 180 to 270 days and 271 to less than one year is 6.00%. The bank is currently offering 6.80% interest for FDs with maturity of 1 year and 599 days or more than 1 year. PNB FD New Interest Rate

Punjab National Bank (Punjab national Bank) and FDs with a duration of 600 days will now get the highest interest rate of 7.50 per cent.

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