PNB New RD Interest Rates 2023 : पंजाब नेशनल बैंक ने RD दरों में किया संशोधन, FREE यहां देखें ब्याज दर तालिका

PNB New RD Interest Rates: The short name of PNB Bank is Punjab National Bank! It is a banking and financial services bank owned by the Government of India. Established in 1894, the bank has grown by leaps and bounds! Like Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit (PNB Recurring Deposit) RD also provides a good source of earning! Earning from RD depends on many things. Like which category of investment do you come in and for how many years it is most important!

PNB New RD Interest Rates

If you are looking to build a significant corpus in the long run, Punjab National Bank Recurring Deposit is one of the best RDs available! The duration of PNB RD Account (PNB RD Account) ranges from 6 months to 10 years! Tenure is further classified as short term, medium term and long term. Most of the banks give more interest to senior citizens than the general public. There are many different types of RD accounts in PNB Bank.

PNB New RD Interest Rates
PNB New RD Interest Rates

Any minor whose age is more than 10 years if he gives proof of name! Minor who is less than or equal to 10 years in the custody of natural or legal guardian. Any corporate, company, proprietary or commercial organization can open RD account in Punjab National Bank. Any government organization A person who is illiterate or blind is also eligible for PNB RD Account. PNB New RD Interest Rates

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This Recurring Deposit is available only for PNB Internet Banking users! This E-RD Account has benefits like nomination like a regular RD account! Once it matures, the amount is deposited in the same account through which the fixed deposit was made.

Features and Benefits of PNB RD

The minimum amount required to open a PNB RD Account is Rs 100!
The tenure limit is from 180 days to 10 years. PNB New RD Interest Rates
Senior citizens can avail additional interest of 0.50% on regular interest rates.
The maximum interest rate offered by the bank (RD Interest Rate) is for a period ranging from 3 years to 10 years! The rates are 5.30% for regular citizens and 5.80% for senior citizens.
Punjab National Bank (Punjab National Bank) offered loan on deposits!
TDS deduction depends on the income slab to which the applicant belongs

Taxes on Punjab National Bank Recurring Deposit Scheme

If the interest earned by the users in all their RD accounts in all PNB branches in a year exceeds Rs.10,000. So the bank will have to deduct TDS at 10.3 percent. If the IT PAN of a user is not updated in the records of Punjab National Bank. So he will have to deduct TDS twice at 20.6%. Therefore, a person should update his PAN on RD Account.

Individuals are required to add interest income on all their PNB RDs and other RDs to their taxable income for the year! Depending on their tax bracket, income tax is payable on their income. Users should estimate the interest income and all their other income. On the basis of which it is necessary to pay advance tax (RD Interest Rate) on the advance tax payment dates (15 September, 15 December, 15 March and 31 March)!

Punjab National Bank Form 16A

Punjab National Bank also issues a Form 16A. In which there are details of tax deduction on recurring deposit interest and tax deposited in government treasury! The TDS amount deposited by PNB with the Income Tax Department can be verified in the 26AS details of the individuals. This detail is available online on the website of IT department (PNB RD interest rate) or through your net banking account. A person can claim credit for TDS amount once in his annual income tax return.

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