Post Office FD – Schemes: Invest in this cool post office scheme, you will get more benefits than the bank 2023

Post Office FD – Schemes: The interest rate on Fixed Deposit has been increased! At present, many banks are paying 6-7 percent interest on Fixed Deposit Interest Rate! On the other hand, the government has also increased the interest rate on small savings schemes of the post office. In the Union Budget 2023, the limit of deposits in Post Office (Post Office FD) Senior Citizen Savings Scheme and Post Office Monthly Income Scheme has been increased! This limit has been increased to 50%.

Post Office FD – Schemes

Amidst the increase in the repo rate, investors are being given better returns on their Fixed Deposits. Although the interest rates of 5 years and 1 year Fixed Deposit (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate) will remain the same as before! Currently investors who do not want to take the risk of the market! Looking for stable returns while keeping your deposit safe! In such a situation, the Post Office FD Scheme is proving to be a better option! Its FD interest rate is very good!

How to get FD in post office: Post Office FD – Schemes

If you also want to get FD done in the post office, then know that it is very easy to get FD done in the post office! India Post has given information about this on its website. According to this information, you can get different FDs (Fixed Deposit) done for 1, 2, 3, 5 years in the post office!

To get FD in the post office, you can open an account by giving check or cash. In this, accounts are opened with a minimum of Rs 1000 and there is no limit to deposit the maximum amount! Let us know what are the benefits available in this scheme!

In this the Government of India gives you a guarantee!

Post Office FD – Schemes
Post Office FD – Schemes
  • Investors money is completely safe!
  • In this, FD (Fixed Deposit) can be done through offline (cash, check) or online (net banking / mobile banking)!
  • In this you can get more than 1 FD done!
  • Apart from this, you can join FD account!
  • In this, you will get tax exemption while filing ITR for making fixed deposits for 5 years!
  • You can easily transfer FD from one post office to another post office!

Will get excellent interest on Fixed Deposit

Under this, 5.50 percent interest is available on FD (Fixed Deposit) from 7 days to one year. The interest rate on FDs of 1 year 1 day to 2 years is the same! At the same time, interest is also being received on FDs up to 3 years at the rate of 5.50 percent (Fixed Deposit Interest Rate). 6.70% interest (FD Interest Rate) is being received on FDs ranging from 3 years one day to 5 years! Means here you will get good profit on FD!

What are the benefits of Post Office FD scheme

The special thing about this (Post Office FD Scheme) scheme is that an investor can open multiple fixed deposit accounts! There is facility to open single and joint account in Fixed Deposit Interest Rate! Also there can be 3 adults in a joint account. A Fixed Deposit account can be opened in any post office by depositing at least Rs 1000.

What is special: Post Office FD – Schemes

This investment bank is considered much safer than Fixed Deposit Interest Rate, in which government guarantee is given on the investor’s capital and earned interest! While in Bank Fixed Deposit, you get protection up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh on capital and interest as per the rules of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation! FD interest rate of post office is more than that of bank.

Understand like this how much interest will be received: FD Interest Rate

  • 1 year FD: 5.5% interest per annum
  • 2-year FD: 5.7 per cent annual interest
  • 3-year FD: 5.58 per cent interest per annum
  • 5-year FD: 6.7 per cent interest per annum

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate

A person investing in the Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate scheme can extend it for a second period on maturity! This period will increase in the same period in which the account was opened. Let us tell you that there is a maturity of 6 months for FD Interest Rate of 1 year! Apart from this, it is fixed for 12 months for 2 years Fixed Deposit account, 18 months for 3 years and 5 years!

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