Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023 : FREE पोस्ट ऑफिस में FD खोलने पर मिलता है इतना ब्याज, यहां जानें

Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023: Post Office Fixed Deposit (Post Office FD) is similar to bank fixed deposit! Where you can deposit money for a fixed time period and earn guaranteed returns on it! This is a good investment option for those who want to make a lumpsum deposit for a fixed period! At the time of maturity, you will get the amount deposited with the interest earned on the Post Office FD Account!

Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023

Post Office FD schemes are more preferred in rural and suburban areas than bank FDs. You have the option to choose from 1, 2, 3 and 5 year Post Office Time Deposit Account! Interest rates are different for different periods. While the interest rate on five-year Fixed Deposit is the highest!

Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023 : FREE पोस्ट ऑफिस में FD खोलने पर मिलता है इतना ब्याज, यहां जानें
Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023 : FREE पोस्ट ऑफिस में FD खोलने पर मिलता है इतना ब्याज, यहां जानें

Post Office Recurring Deposit is one such option! Where you will get fixed interest on your deposit amount, as well as the money will be completely safe! Because, there is a sovereign guarantee of the Government of India on the amount deposited in the post office (India Post), while the amount deposited in banks is safe only up to a maximum of 5 lakhs! In this way, you can make a fund of millions by saving small every month! Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023

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Post Office FD Interest Rate

One year fixed deposit (Fixed Deposit) gives an interest rate of 5.5% per annum! To know the Post Office FD Interest Rates for different tenures, see the table given below!

  • term interest rate
  • 5.5% for 1 year
  • 5.5% for 2 years
  • 5.5% for 3 years
  • 6.7% for 5 years

The rates of fixed deposits in the post office are fixed from time to time. So, make sure to check the current Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rate before opening an account!

5000 to 3.48 lakh will be made in 5 years Post Office Fixed Deposit 2023
Suppose an investor invests Rs 5000 every month in Post Office RD for 5 years, then he will get Rs 3.48 lakh on maturity! Actually, 5.8 percent annual interest is currently being received on the fixed deposit of the post office! Interest is compounded on a quarterly basis!

Post Office Fixed Deposit Facility
You can open any number of accounts in any post office.
One can open account by cash / cheque. In case of a cheque, the date of receipt of the check will be treated as the date of opening of the account.

Nomination facility is available at the time of opening the account (Post Office FD Account) and also after opening the account!

You can transfer an account from one post office to another.
An account can be opened in the name of a minor, and a minor of 10 years or more can open and operate the account.

A person can get tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 on investment under the 5-year Post Office Time Deposit (Post Office Fixed Deposit) account.

Post Office FD Online Payment Facility

This facility is currently available for Post Office Recurring Deposit through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS). Also, if you have an agent, he can use the Post Office Agent Portal! And can pay for your investments online! Post Office FD online payment information not clear yet! However, you can ask your post office branch for exact details regarding this.

Why post office is safer than bank

Post Office (India Post) Savings Schemes are safe for small savings investors! This is because if the postal department fails to return the amount, there is a sovereign guarantee on the deposited money of the post office. That is, if under any circumstances the postal department fails to return the money to the investors, then here the government goes ahead and guarantees the money of the investors. Your money is not stuck in any case! The government uses the fixed deposit money in the post office scheme in its works!

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