Ration Card Surrender Start 2023 : इसी महीने सरेंडर करना होगा इन लोगो को राशन कार्ड , देखे नए आदेश

Ration Card Surrender Start 2023

Ration Card Surrender Start 2023

Ration Card Surrender Start 2023: If you are also a Ration Card holder then this news is very beneficial for you! If you have taken advantage of the ration scheme by going beyond the government norms, then the government can crack down on it! Actually, the government has made a rule to surrender the ration card under certain conditions which are strict about the ration card! Action can be taken against you for violating this.

Ration Card Surrender Start 2023

Action has been taken against ineligible ration card holders in Uttar Pradesh. These card holders have been asked to surrender their ration cards (Ration Card Surrender in UP)! The government has also declared its eligibility! Under this, the criteria for surrendering the ration card has been fixed. It is being told that 8 lakh illegal cards have been canceled so far.

  • ration card eligibility rules
  • Must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The head of the family should be a woman.
  • The monthly income of the family should be less than Rs.15,000.
  • If the head is suffering from incurable disease or whose age is more than 60 years and the family
  • Monthly household income not more than Rs 15,000!
  • The age of the female head of the household should be more than 18 years.
  • The family having less than 2 hectares of irrigated land
  • Make ration cards available to these people: Ration Card Surrender Start 2023
  • Those who have a four wheeler will have to submit their Ration Card Surrender!
  • From four wheelers to tractors!
  • Ration card holders should not have a pucca house of 100 square meters in rural or urban areas.
  • Government employees will have to surrender the card!

People coming under the purview of income tax will also have to surrender the card.
Those who have a pucca house, AC in the house and a generator set of 5 kW or more capacity will have to submit the card!

Ration Card Surrender Start 2023
Ration Card Surrender Start 2023

Households with any commercial premises of more than 80 square meters are not eligible for the card.
If the annual income of the family in the urban area is more than 3 lakhs, then the card will have to be surrendered.
Those who have arms license will have to surrender their ration card

up government ration card news

Now in Uttar Pradesh, illegal ration card holders have come under the target of the government! According to the government, the disabled should not get the benefit of the free ration scheme! Eligible people are being deprived of this scheme due to getting wrong ration. The administration is now asking the ineligible to surrender the Ration Card!

Action will be taken on not submitting the ration card: Ration Card Surrender Start 2023

The administration is working to convey this information to the recipients of ration through the quota holders (Ration Card Surrender). A letter has been issued to the district administration of Lucknow saying that Rs. 2 lakh and in urban areas Rs. Only people with less than 3 lakh income will be eligible for the Ration Card scheme! Surrender your card if you do not meet this criteria, action will be taken against those who fail to do so and the ration given will also be recovered!

People are being made aware to surrender ration card

According to the Kotedar, everyone is being informed about the orders of the government. The result is that people who do not meet this standard are submitting their ration card (Ration Card Surrender) to the DM office! At the same time, the ration takers say that they still do not know when to submit the card. They say we are all eligible, so we are getting ration continuously! Now only eligible families will be able to get Ration Card!

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