Sahara India Ka Refund 2023: इन लोगों को मिल गया पैसा वापस, FREE आप भी कर सकते है क्लेम?

Sahara India Ka Refund: Sahara India family is one of the well-known companies of India, during which all the investors were told that after investing in it, you will be given double the amount with interest, under which lakhs of investors of our country Sahara India has invested crores of rupees, but even after many years, due to non-refund of any candidate’s money, now all the candidates are eagerly waiting for the Sahara India refund amount. Sahara India Ka Refund

This year, very important news is coming out in front of all the investors who are investing under Sahara India, because this year very important information was provided by the owner of Sahara India, Subrata Roy, by which it has been said that it is very important to invest in Sahara India. The refund amount of all the investors with 10% interest will be provided by about February-March 2023.

Refund of Sahara India

Sahara India Ka Refund
Sahara India Ka Refund

All the investors who have invested crores of rupees under Sahara India are pleading with the Government of India to get back the refund amount, after which various efforts are being made by the Government of India to provide refund amount to the investors of Sahara India. Similarly, this year also two companies run by Sahara India have been fined ₹ 12000 by the Government of India under the orders of the Supreme Court. Sahara India Ka Refund

After this fine, very important information has been provided by Subrata Roy, the owner of Sahara India, which has been said by him that the refund amount is not being provided to all the investors because all the money of Sahara India family is under Sevi. . However, regarding this, a big statement was issued by Finance Minister Pankaj Chowdhary, regarding which it has been said that SEBI has collected refund amount of Rs 24000 crores, which can be refunded to all the candidates as soon as possible. Sahara India Ka Refund

When will the money be refunded by Sahara India

There is a ray of hope in front of all the investors who have invested under Sahara India, because this year Sahara India has started providing refund amount, for all the candidates, you can tell for all the candidates, a total of 138 by Sahara India. A refund of Rs. crore has been made.

Out of which this amount is being transferred to the account of only those candidates who had invested more than one crore in Sahara India, so if your money is also stuck in Sahara India then all of you can withdraw this money. To get back, you can register a complaint by visiting the consumer helpline.

sahara india latest news 2023

Lakhs of investors have invested a lot of money in the schemes run by Sahara India, after which even after many years, all the candidates are now waiting to get refund of their amount, then tell Sahara India Real Estate for all the candidates. Corporation Limited had collected Rs 19400.87 crore from 232.85 lakh investors and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Limited had collected Rs 6380.50 crore from 75.14 lakh investors.

However, after registering a complaint on the consumer helpline, a refund amounting to about Rs 138 crore has been returned by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. After which crores of rupees are still stuck in Sahara India, which will be refunded soon.

On which date Sahara India refund will be received

According to the information provided by the Government of India, the money stuck in Sahara India can be returned to all investors soon, although no date has been confirmed to return this money,

but two companies operated by Sahara India After which it is believed that by the middle of February-March 2023, the entire horoscope will be funded with 10% interest in the account of all the candidates. However,

to get this amount, all the candidates will have to take the help of the District Magistrate, along with this, you will also have to register a complaint by going to the consumer helpline.

What is Sahara India Refund News released?

Under the refund news issued by Sahara India, the refund amount will be provided to all the investors soon.

On what date the refund will be issued by Sahara India?

No date is yet confirmed by Sahara India to provide the refund amount to the investors.

What is the total amount refunded by Sahara India so far?

SEBI has been able to refund only Rs 138.07 crore, including interest, to Sahara’s investors.

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