Free Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023: राजस्थान सामाजिक सुरक्षा पेंशन योजना में ऑनलाइन आवेदन ऐसे करे

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023: There is a pension scheme (Pension Scheme) launched by the state government of Rajasthan for the welfare of its deserted residents! The main objective of the Social Security Pension Scheme is to ensure the social security of the needy. And thus have to financially support their existence!

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023

Senior citizens, destitute widows and disabled people are among the people who will be benefited from this Rajasthan scheme of Rajasthan. Through this Social Security Pension Scheme! Rajasthan government gives some amount as pension to the old people of us. This Pension Scheme can be called Rajsap Pension! Keeping in mind the aspirations of the parents of the state, many schemes have been started by the Rajasthan government.

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023
Free Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023: राजस्थान सामाजिक सुरक्षा पेंशन योजना में ऑनलाइन आवेदन ऐसे करे

However, to avail these benefits, one must be born and registered as a citizen and member of the state of Rajasthan. Financial assistance will be provided in the form of pension to all poor, destitute, disabled people through the Social Security Pension Scheme. So that they do not have to depend on anyone else for their livelihood.

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Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana 2023

The government has done a commendable job for all these destitute and helpless citizens. Under which cooperation of all these citizens will be received. To apply under Social Security Pension Scheme, you can visit the official website of this scheme at! The basic purpose of this pension scheme is to verify the Rajasthan social security of the poor among us! And to help them financially for their existence!

Required Documents – Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme Form

Seen many places! Where disabled, old and widowed women are often not respected among family members. For all these reasons, the feeling of uselessness of a person is reduced. Social Security Pension Scheme has been started to deal with all these points. To apply in this Rajasthan (Rajasthan) scheme (Pension Yojana), you must have this document!

  • identity card
  • Bhamashah ID
  • income proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank account information

Social Security Pension Scheme Online Application Process

You can apply both online and offline to apply for this pension scheme! To apply online, one has to visit the official website of Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme. After that click on the application form of this Rajasthan scheme from the home page!

Now the application form of online Rajasthan scheme will open in front of you. After opening the application form, fill all the information asked in it correctly. After this, finally after checking the information entered by you,

click on submit and in this way the application form of Social Security Pension Scheme will be submitted online. You can also study the use of the standings by downloading this form!

Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme Offline Application Process

You can also apply offline for the Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme! For this, these mentioned rules have to be kept in mind. So to apply in Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme (Pension Scheme) it is first necessary to go to the office of your nearest Sub-Divisional Officer / Block Development Officer!

Rajasthan Social Security Pension Scheme

In the Social Security Pension Scheme, after receiving the making use from the office of the Sub-Divisional Officer/Block Development Officer, along with the paperwork! All paperwork has to be sent to Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar for approval. After verification of application form by Tehsildar and acceptance authority. In this scheme of Rajasthan, your application will be sent to the settlement authority for approval.

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