Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023 : अभी फ्री में लगवाएं सोलर पैनल, ऐसे करें आवेदन FREE

Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023: To promote solar energy in India, the government has started Solar Rooftop Yojana. Under this, the government is giving subsidy of up to 40 percent to people for installing solar panels. With this scheme, the government has hit many targets with one stone.

New Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023

Increasing dependence on solar energy by reducing power consumption and making electricity available to people at affordable rates. The biggest advantage of installing solar panels in Solar Rooftop Yojana is that you will have to spend money only once for Solar Energy Panel. After that you will continue to get free electricity for about 20 years.

How much subsidy will be given on installation of solar energy panels

Under the Solar Roof Top Scheme, you will be given subsidy by the government to install solar energy panels. How much subsidy will be available in Solar Rooftop Yojana depends on how many kilowatts of solar plant you set up. 40 percent subsidy will be available for installing 1 to 3 kg rooftop solar panels suitable for a common Indian family.

Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023
Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023

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Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023

You can buy 3-4 fans, 6-8 LED lights, 1 motor, 1 fridge and TV in this Solar Energy. Can be used comfortably in Solar Rooftop Yojana. At the same time, 20 percent subsidy will be given for solar panels above 3 kg and up to 10 kW.

How much will this Solar Energy Panel cost?

If you install a 2kW solar panel, then it will cost around Rs 1.20 lakh. On this the government will give you 40% subsidy i.e. Rs 48,000. In this case your cost will come down to Rs 72 thousand. This Solar Rooftop Yojana is beneficial for the common people as well as the government as it will not generate much electricity for the government. That is, overall, this Solar Energy Panel scheme will reduce the burden on the pocket of both the government and the public. Not only this, if you are producing more electricity than required, you can also earn money by selling it to the government.

Solar Rooftop Yojana Online Form 2023

To install Solar Energy Panel, you have to visit its official website After this you click on Apply for Solar Rooftop. Another new page will open in front of you, here you select the state wise link. After this the Solar Rooftop Yojana form will open. Fill all your information in it. The subsidy amount will be deposited in your given account by the Discom within 30 days of installation of solar panels.

Know what is the government’s plan regarding solar energy

Actually Modi (Narendra Modi) government is running solar energy scheme. In this, you can get Solar Energy Panel installed on the roof of your house. You do not even need to pay a lump sum for this. You can get solar panels installed in easy installments. The government is also giving subsidy on this Solar Rooftop Yojana. In such a situation, you can easily get these solar energy panels installed at a very low cost and after that you will start saving a lot in your electricity bill.

Know how much space is required to install Solar Energy Panel

If you install Solar Energy Panel then you do not need much space. You can install it on the roof of your house or factory. Understand that 10 square meters of space is required for 1KW of solar energy under the Solar Rooftop Yojana. You can contact the nearest office of the electricity distribution company for the Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme.

Solar Energy Update: Government is giving subsidy in Solar Rooftop Yojana

If you install solar rooftop panels in your homes or farms under this Solar Rooftop Scheme, then you will get up to 40 percent solar energy subsidy from the government for installing solar panels up to 3KW. After 3KW in Solar Rooftop Yojana,

you will be given 20 percent subsidy by the Central Government up to 10KW. If you are taking a 3KW solar panel, then you will get a subsidy of 4 percent on the total cost of Rs.37000×3=111000. In this way, you will have to pay only 66,600 to 72 thousand rupees for the solar energy panel.

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