Today News India Sahara 2023 : सहारा इंडिया निवेशकों के लिए खुशखबरी लोगों के पैसे लौटाने की तारीख तय।-Very Useful

Today News India Sahara

Today News India Sahara

Today News India Sahara 2023: Investors are getting worried every day about the money stuck in Sahara India. For which we have been demonstrating for the last consecutive years that our money should be given as soon as possible. Due to which a check of Rs 2 crore 30 lakh was issued for the payment of the investor. New Delhi: The difficulties of Subrata Roy, the head of Sahara Group, are increasing continuously.

Today News India Sahara
Today News India Sahara

According to media reports, we have received this news. Investors should be paid gold as soon as possible, about which big news is coming out. Complete information has been given in this post, so definitely read the post till the end.

Sahara India News Today

The problems of the people due to the stuck money are increasing day by day. Because of which people are opposing the withdrawal of money from Sahara India. People are demanding money from the government after completion of maturity. That our money should be returned as soon as possible, but here the matter is of dispute between Sahara India and SEBI.

Due to which investors are not getting paid. But it is being told that relief news is coming out for the investors. It is being told that the administration has issued a check for the amount to pay 1772 investors. Meanwhile, there are 4614 investors whose applications and amounts have been verified. Still, the investors paid off.

Sahara India News Today

According to the received news, let us tell you that there are about 24000 such investors in Sahara India Company who have been paid. But here collector Banogi Adhikari CL Markandeya has told. The Department of Revenue has received applications for verification of application deposits of 4614 investors from Sahara India Company.

It is expected that the process of hearing on the payment of the investors will be done as soon as possible and the money of the investors will start getting as soon as possible. Join our WhatsApp group for news related to Sahara India.

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